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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Katrina the Merciful

Well now I've survived three weeks of school and one hurricane.

All through my years as a student I've experienced joy at the prospect of a snow day, and who could forget the infamous "extremely cold temperature" day back in 93. But no youthful relief, no excitement at the prospect of a day away from my classes could rival the giddying news that jackson public schools would be closed for this entire week.

Perhaps this is an indicator of how my first three weeks have gone. I've found out that this job is not impossible, just extremely demanding, mentally and physically draining to an unimaginable degree. I think that this is where first year teacher's problems come from. At a point the teacher's mind and body reach such a state of fatigue that trifling troubles seem much greater.

A good nights rest and some peace of mind can help enormously in this regard and I've done my best to keep 'em in my shopping cart.

Not that my kids don't drive me crazy. I can't believe how much variance there can be from one day to the next, or even one class to the next. Last Wednesday I handled my kids like an old pro and thought to myself that this job could be easy. The next day brought me back down to earth, with two of my classes reaching the classification of "Zoo" and me ready to throw in the dry erase board. I've learned that there is little certainty in this job, and you can never, ever, let your guard down.

Things should improve. At the height of my thursday insanity i snuck away from the lunchroom for a minute and dragged myself, half staggering into the principal's office, desparate for some assurance that my load of 184 students will some day be reduced. She promised it would. When it does, I imagine that it will be something like the old "livestock in the house" story. Bringing my classes down to even 26, 27 students would seem an unimaginable luxury.

In the meantime, I'll take this vacation, and thank the hurricane gods for putting a silver lining on this otherwise catastrophic storm system.


Blogger A. Monroe said...

When I was growing up, we found out about school closings on snowy days by watching Channel Three's "Snowbird Report." The Snowbird was an actual penquin puppet that came on the air to announce the school closings. Snowbird had his own theme music. Just the sound of that marvelous melody could put me in a state of unimagined bliss.

When I was teaching elementary school, the Snowbird Report was still the best source for school closing information. I think I got more excited as a teacher when I heard that music. My husband will occassionally hum the tune for me. I love it!

10:43 AM


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