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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Management Plan?

I wouldn't quite say that my management plan is in shambles, but it certainly has "evolved" a good deal from its initial state.

Much of the problem for first year teachers is that you enter the classroom with little knowledge of the particular situation regarding detention, office referrals at the school.

I did not include detention in my management plan, but now I know that the school offers saturday detention, and this serves as an excellent deterrent to misbehavior.

My management plan reserved office referral for severe infractions, but it seems that most of the other teachers have a much more liberal approach to the disciplinary method. I've been hesitant about giving referrals, but if I had made a few more examples early on I'd probably have better managed classes today.

Calling parents is key. I also didn't put this too early on in my management plan but I've now learned that particularly for sixth graders, speaking to parents is a crucial component of classroom management. I'm making up for some lost time now, but it still makes a noticeable difference.

So today, where am I. Disruptive students get a warning, then a call home, then detention, then an office referral. They come quick.

I'm still working on other management aspects. Most important right now is practicing smooth transitions between topics or activities, and finding ways to keep everyone busy. Most of my problems are from kids who are smart, finished with their work and booooooored.

Right now my classroom is a somewhat negative environment, where I'm constantly giving out warnings and punishments. I need to find a way to incorporate more positive incentives without inviting more disruptions.

Bathrooms. Probably my greatest headache of all. We have no air conditioning. An hour and a half is a long time for a sixth grader to stay in class. I had one kid faint and an another nearly piss himself. I have to let kids go to the bathroom, but then I find that most of my class is wasted dealing with a stream of requests. Beginning next week I will issue each student two emergency passes. They may used them at any time, but once they are done they will be finished for the semester. Hopefully this will provide some sort of resolution, but that remains to be seen.


Blogger A. Monroe said...

You seem to be finding solutions to most of your management problems. You have made adjustments that are working. I think the emergency bathroom passes are a great idea. It puts the responsibility in the students hands. Yes, the younger the student the more effective the parent phone call.

You may want to shift your management focus to rewards and positive reinforcement. This may help combat the negative vibe you mentioned. You don't have to reward everyone all the time for every little thing they do. Just make a point of noticing appropriate behaviors. This will deter negative behaviors.

10:25 AM


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