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Monday, October 31, 2005

October is the Kindest Month

This is what we were told, but I'll stick with April on that one because October has proven excellent, grade A best month ever.
Maybe it has to do with the magical day when the fabled "new math teacher" arrived and whisked away 59 of my students, leaving me with the eminently manageable load of but 113 malleable souls. I cannot describe this difference, but it's something akin to spending three months with a half ton chevy parked in your living room before being magically towed away by towing elfs one morning. And I refer to the short lived Chevy line of trucks which kicked, screamed and threw wadded paper around the room. And they uh ... are trucks that don't do their homework and ... what's the word for bad extended metaphors going nowhere? Conceit?
Anyways ... I'm out of survival mode, that's for sure. Maybe it's only since I've got so few kids now that it just seems better, but I do believed I learned a great deal in that early epoch of the giant classes and thunder lizards. Like swinging with a weighted bat before going to the plate, my new task seems much lighter. The atmosphere is better, the classes are more relaxed and even somewhat positive at times. The kids are engaged and seem less adversarial.
But at times I look fondly on those survival days when my only job was to keep kids in their seats and hope for an early bell. Because now I look around the room and realize that my job isn't just to duck paper balls but to teach. Suddenly I notice kids that have tuned out since day one, and whom I never had the opportunity to deal with in the survival days. With post-survival comes responsibility. Now I feel bad when a lesson doesn't stick or seems boring to the kids while previously such concerns were furthest from my mind.
Unless I suffer from a discipline relapse, this will be the November challege, to shift the focuse from good management to good instruction. It's much harder, and I certainly still have some management issues to iron out, but for the most part things definitely seem to be moving in the right direction.


Blogger Brian Fisher said...

Hooray for the elves that come in the dark of night and remove the Chevy! - Ms. Cornelius

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